Ghost Whisperer
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date 6th January 2006
Written by John Gray
Directed by David Hugh Jones
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Undead Comic
Last Execution

Plot SummaryEdit

When a new neighbor moves in, he brings a ghost as part of his baggage and Melinda's attempts to reach the hostile and increasingly dangerous ghost lead to strain between her and Jim.

Cast Edit

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon
  • David Conrad as Jim Clancy
  • Aisha Tyler as Andrea Marino

Guest CastEdit

  • Ross McCall as Todd Darger
  • Jonathan Banks as Lyle Chase
  • Dominique Swain as Stacy Chace
  • Dariush Kashani as Bobby Tooch
  • Jordan Dang as Dylan

Spirits Edit

  • Lyle Chase
  • Homer

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