When spirits have unfinished business, they become earthbound.  In some cases, spirits cross over as soon as their issues are resolved and are at peace.  They can give ghost whisperers like Melinda visions so they can see the history or memories of the spirits and their connections.  Sometimes she gets visions when she touches an object that is connected to them.  They can also teleport from one place to another, possess the living, move objects, and etc.  They can also attach themselves to a person or an object.  Sometimes they don't even know that they're dead like with Andrea.  Ghosts can feed off of people's energy, fear, and etc.  According to Professor Payne, there are 2 types of spirits: dark and light.  Ghosts don't always remember how they died and forget what actually happen which causes them to blame people.  Ghosts can attach themselves to people who they are either haunting or they know the person.

Children can see ghosts when they are really young and they lose the ability as they grow up.   A ghost can jump to someone else's body who are already dead like when Jim jumped into Sam's body.  Imprint haunting is when when a spirit keeps reliving the same experience. Professor Payne explains that in an imprint haunting the ghost is stuck in sort of a time-loop and is forced to do the same thing over and over again. It occurs with spirits of the soldiers in "Haunted Hero" and with Lorelei in "Save Our Souls".  Opression is when a spirit controls a body without having to enter it and it used by earthbound spirits. 

The spirits of children who cross-over into the Light become "Shinies" and Aiden said that "If there was a war between them, the Shinies would win."  Aiden is the only one that can see the Shinies and the Shadows.  The Shinies are more powerful than the Shadows.  Aiden said that, "Shadows are made of parts of people left behind" and when a spirit goes into the light, sometimes only part(s) of it does and the other part(s) are left behind and become Shadows. 

Ghost AbilitiesEdit

  • Supernatural Perception - After death are spirits able to see and communicate with other spirits, as well as ghost whisperers like Melinda, who can help them cross over to the light and find peace.
  • Intangibility - As a spirit, they are naturally intangible, as such they can phase through solid matter.
  • Teleportation - Spirits are able to disappear and reappear in different locations, as they are not bound to a physical body after death.
  • Psychokinesis - They are able to move objects with their minds if they have enough concentration on the objects. Ghosts often use this ability to reach out to the living when they intend to communicate with them or haunt them.
  • Possession - They are able to possess the living if they have a strong enough connection to that person.