Ghost Whisperer
Season 1, Episode 4
Mended Hearts
Air date October 14, 2005
Written by John Gray
Directed by John Gray
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Ghost, Interrupted
Lost Boys


A ghost helps Melinda save a woman who attempts suicide. Melinda learns that the ghost was the woman's fiancee' and that he was an organ donor. The ghost refuses to crossover until he knows who received his heart and unitl his fiancee is take care of. With a little help from a ghost-nurse in the hospital, Melinda is able to find the person the heart was donated to and gets that person in touch with the woman. You immediately see that their two hearts make a connection and that there might be love. Enough for the ghost-fiance to leave for better places.


Main CastEdit

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon
  • Aisha Tyler as Andrea Marino
  • David Conrad as Jim Clancy

Guest CastEdit

  • Sean Maher as Conor Donovan
  • Joey Slotnick as Cliff Aimes
  • Michelle Nolden as Gwen Alexander


  • Conor Donovan